A Guide to Web Design

Designing a website is like doing any other thing you have to come up with a plan in order not to fail.Coming up with a website means that you have to know what goes whereby this you ensure that you can be able to come up with a perfect design, not just a bud website design.

Websites require tools to observe the day to day activities these activities include how many people visit the website the number that subscribes the website among others.

Poor websites are made due to the lack of a budget this is because you might pour your money to the web design but no hosting money this may lead to the website not even kicking off; therefore, the website budget is very important.

Give different parts of the website to different people ensures that the website is designed to its best and perfection is displayed.

Come up with a formula to be displaying your content this content may be videos, documents, pictures and blog posts the posts may go on the website twice a month or even they may be posted three times and one video a month.

Have the number of pages to be put on the website and the content to be displayed.
Design a wire frame and send it to your web designer or create it yourself by a wire frame I mean the way the content is going to be displayed this is a framework or a sketch of the website.

When making the website ensure the following things are put into consideration the font to be used the font whether it is clear also the website should be light in order for the website to load much easier unlike a heavy website which takes a lot of time to load hence discouraging the web visitor.

Testing a website is the most fundamental part of the designing phase this is done by testing the website through different gadgets like phones tablets computers also another important test to do is to ensure that the website displays how you want it to display in all search engines this is done to ensure the website is in great shape and no bugs are present.

When you have completed making the website also ensure that the website is well maintained and content is posted according to your liking to do this ensure the content is created in time.

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