Everyone loves to attend events that include dozens of vendors housed in brightly colored tents. The tents are typically staffed by company employees who are having fun handing out giveaways and talking to passersby. However, the simple stalls also serve as serious marketing tools, making them exceptionally popular. Often called Marquees, they are reusable and imprinted with company logos and information.

Suppliers Offer a Variety of Tents

The most commonly used promotional tents are ordered from specialists who offer a wide variety of styles and sizes. The typical model generally seen at a big event has a roof and three sides and all are imprinted with logos and messages. However, businesses can actually choose from a range of other enclosures that include star, pagoda, dome and simple stall tents. Many are just basic, colorfully branded covers held up by sturdy poles.

Tent Providers Make it Easy for Clients to Order Custom Products

Businesses invest in marquee tents because suppliers accept orders by fax, email and snail mail as well as by verbal request. Specialists help each client decide on the best type and sized tent for their needs. They design custom samples for clients’ approval before creating final products. Completed tents are often ordered and shipped Internationally and clients may even be able to arrange rush shipping in emergencies.

Marquee Tents Offer an Exceptional Return on Investment

Businesses also buy customized tents because they help to increase profits. Most event tents are staffed by company employees who hand out promotional products that are often produced by the tent makers. Marketing surveys show that these efforts can attract targeted audiences, help create important connections and increase brand exposure. Businesses also build a more positive impression of their products or services as staff interacts with potential customers.

Almost all large community and business events feature brightly-colored tents imprinted with a variety of company logos, and with good reason. It is simple for businesses order marquee tents and have them customized to fit their needs. Promotional event tents are available in a wide variety of sizes and styles, but even the simplest can be used as a powerful promotional tool.