How Beef Jerky is Produced

Beef meat that has been prepared in such a way that all the fat is trimmed then cut into pieces which are later dried so as remove moisture and prevent it from spoiling is referred to as beef jerky. Salt has to be added to the lean meat when making beef jerky so as to prevent the growth of microorganisms such as bacteria on the meat that can make it go bad. Drying of the now salted meat is done under low temperatures which usually takes time. There are modern methods used in making beef jerky which involve marinating the beef slices where they are soaked in a seasoned liquid or a spice rub. The slices after being marinated is then dried or can also be smoked to remove water with the use of low-temperature heat. The final product that is achieved is usually ready to eat without need of any further preparation and it usually has a salty taste. Storage of the beef jerky for a long period may require use of chemical preservatives but it is not a must since the beef jerky has very low moisture content which does not encourage the growth of microorganisms which make it spoil.

Use of high quality ingredients having a special presentation and are of high sophistication where the beef is marinated in some delicious blend of savory spices and also follow unique recipes is used in making gourmet beef jerky. When preparing gourmet beef jerky, all the fat is removed prior to drying as the fat does not dry which can provide breeding grounds for microorganisms. Drying of the meat should be done as soon as possible to limit spoilage and low temperatures are used so that the meat does not cook and also to avoid over drying which makes it become brittle. Drying ovens having low temperatures can be used for drying where the fast-moving air in the oven together with low heat increases the drying rate to just a few hours to the desired moisture content. Salted gourmet beef jerky slices usually dry faster as compared to those that have been seasoned with marinade since the marinade adds more moisture to the beef slices.

Once the gourmet beef jerky have been dried to the right moisture and cooled, they a packed in plastic bags that have been flushed with nitrogen gas or else the packs can be vacuumed to remove oxygen. Preventing oxidation of fat in the gourmet beef jerky packets can be done by packing oxygen absorbers with them. The nutrition content of gourmet beef jerky is usually made up of high protein with minimum carbohydrate content due to the low fat and moisture content available. Gourmet beef jerky are preserved using natural preservatives with no nitrite added and it also do not have gluten. A sticky and sweet goodness of gourmet beef jerky is there since sugar is a major ingredient in their making.

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