Sales is built and constructed around leads. They fuel any business in the sales arena and without them, the business will collapse from within. The web has introduced a whole new systematic approach to obtaining leads, and each legitimate lead has never been cheaper.

In an odd way though, competition and noise have made respective leads more elusive. This is because of so many available options. This is why lead generation is at its most beneficial at the local level. Companies in medical and law fields can find marketing strategies that are globally or nationally focused, but why? Why try to obtain traffic through a system that draws people from across the globe when the customers are all in the neighborhood?

Localized No-Compete Territory

Medical professionals, in the area of plastic surgery and others, may implement a pure local strategy. They can only spend time and energy discovering leads in the near community with a radius of about 50 to 100 miles. A marketing company should respect that vision by doing two of one things.

  1. Essentially ignoring a strategy that draws in a non-local audience. This can be achieved through regional SEO and other strategies.
  2. Having a non-compete strategy. For example, a marketing firm is only to work with one source per city or one client. This removes any opportunity where a marketing team is cannibalizing their resources for clients.

The strategy looks within the community and emphasizes efforts in that area. There is no need to place resources in targeting potential clients from out-of-state or reaching people who are intrigued about general knowledge without being in the region.

A Directory of Real Local Leads

The localized approach effectively saves time. Marketing companies can craft a directory of clients that meet the above terms (local and without competition). The directory can be formed based on income, age, and other specifications as desired by the medical office.

The above is only a brief breakdown of how a localized strategy works in funneling leads. Visit for a more in-depth analysis of numbers, how it works, and how much it costs to start generating viable long-term leads right now.