Tips on Choosing the Right EMR for Your Physical Therapy Practice

Which EMR(Electronic Medical Record)software are you going to buy considering that there are so many different types offered at the market place? Before you make a decision on any particular software to buy for your practice,you should have a criteria that guides your decision making process.

You need to ask yourself questions on exactly what you want the software to achieve for your specific type of practice;a physical therapy practice might need a software that’s a little different than what a Dentist needs.

If you manage a practice that focuses on physical therapy, you will always need to examine images and scans from imaging specialists. You should therefore consider the ability of the EMR software you want to buy to receive and open for viewing all images such as MRIs or X-rays regardless of the equipment used to process them.

A physical therapist will normally have patients whose health situations need to be managed in various ways. You want a system that enables you to manage all the details of your clients including their problems,the treatment recommended and the progress they have made on a visit to visit basis. And you should be able to use the system regardless of whether you are on a PC,a tablet or a phone.

The following is an evaluation criteria you can adopt if you are considering buying an EMR software.

How big or small your practice is should guide you as you make your decision. The number of software users at your practice determines the type of software you need. Select a software that optimally serves all the existing users while remaining scalable to accommodate practice growth. Look for a reliable EMR software company in Raintree for any further guidance on this.

Decide on whether you want a cloud based software or an on-site-installed one,considering the benefits and drawbacks of each.

Make sure that the EMR software you finally select for your practice has been duly tested and certified by the relevant authorities.

After you have given careful thought to all of the above,it is time to consider features that would be important at a physical therapist’s practice.

These are the features you need for a physical therapy practice: Compatibility with image formats,speech recognition,exercise plan tracking,automatic patient messaging, referral tracking ,and ICD codes specific to physical therapy practice. The right software comes with templates that allow you to have the system customized to your specific area of practice such as Back pain,Sports PT,Arthritis,Neurologic PT,Orthopedic PT and, so on.

You may find the process of selecting the most suitable EMR a bit challenging,but if you have a basic understanding of the features you need,you won’t find it that daunting.

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