The Experience Was Money Well Spent

I had a friend that recently took a solo trip to Vegas. He went on business, but ended up staying a few days later since he was there and had some vacation time. He said one of the best things he had done was get a escort. He is single and wanted to have a girlfriend experience in Las Vegas. You know, having a time where he got to enjoy Vegas, but also got to enjoy spending the time with someone as well.

When he told us all about it, we thought he was crazy. Then again, it is Vegas so it isn’t that crazy. Knowing him, a straight laced kind of guy that doesn’t really venture too far from the line, this was a little out of his norm. He told us about the first night there, how boring it was for him to be there alone. He wanted company, but didn’t know anyone. He also felt that talking and trying to make quick friends with people would have been uncomfortable.

While in a casino, he said he looked over and saw an ad. He took a pic to send to us but the more he thought about it, the more he was thinking “Well, why not?” As soon as he got to his hotel room, he called. They had a quick interview process to make sure he was a good fit for one of their girls. He told them he wanted a girlfriend experience, nothing more. He wasn’t looking into any thing weird or something like that. They told him they would send someone in the next hour.

He told us that waiting for her to come was the most stressful. He kept thinking that was he was doing was weird, he felt uncomfortable about it as … Read More ...